Custom Shoot-Out 2010 Day Three

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Marlin Fishing Tournaments
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Thankfully the wind dropped out over night and it seemed to help the fishing. We raised a double-header of small blue marlin, releasing one. About an hour later we found a tailing white marlin and released him in short time. This put us in 1st place with the extra bonus points for the grand slam. We were feeling pretty good until Sand Man started calling in hookups. They made the big move and ran 75 miles north to the Hole in the Wall. There they released 2 blue marlin and a white marlin and moved into 1st place. congrats to all on Board. Svengali ended up in third place. Overall it was a great tournament with an unbelievable collection of boats. The fishing was pretty good and thank you to Skip Smith and Tina Church for organizing an excellent event. Can’t wait until next year.

Good Fishing!

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