824# Blue Marlin

824# Blue Marlin - "Grander"

Took my wife Lisa and our good friends Sasha and CJ fishing today and it didn’t take long for us to get bit. We had only been fishing for ten minutes when we started marking some of the biggest bait schools we had found this season. A nice fish around 700# piled on the teaser before dropping back and engulfing the long corner, a Randy Llanes tube. The big girl only jumped a few times up in front of the bow then she went down. Sasha was up in the chair and she did a great job for her first time ever marlin fishing.It was a tough fight that lasted around an hour and we pulled the hook close to the boat. Everyone on board was a little disappointed but the marlin gods were looking after us. We put the lures back out,trolled over the same bait school and  raised another big one. She ate both teasers then crashed the Polu Kai instigator on the long corner. She made a big first run and headed straight into the shoreline. At one stage we were fighting her in 50ft of water almost on the rocks! We were able to turn her and she started heading offshore. Sasha was in the chair again and now with a bit of practice from the previous fish she was able to bring the big fish to the boat in just under an hour. Andy from the “Pesca Grossa” jumped over the help us and we put the gaffs in and slid her in the boat. Back on shore she weighed  824# and Sasha was very happy with her awesome catch. Hopefully the bite’s about to turn on for everyone.

824# Blue Marlin

Sasha Chediak with her 824# Blue Marlin

Good Fishing!

  1. Jan says:

    Congratulations Sasha – 824# is an amazing catch for a first time marlin angler – hopefully the bite is on the turn and it will all start happening in Madeira. Good luck to you all for the rest of the trip – the Brisbane crew

  2. Will Cameron says:

    Hey Bo,
    Mate I am trying to subscribe to your blog. If you get this email can you add me on.
    Also travelling to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama in Jan 2011. Was seeing if you knew of any good places down that way.
    Cheers mate, Will

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