200# Big Eye Tuna - "Pesca Grossa"


250# Big Eye Tuna

250# Big Eye Tuna - "Grander"


The bite has remained steady for the fleet with most boat’s seeing good number’s of bigeye tuna and a few blue marlin. Yesterday “Sorted” released a nice fish around 700# on their first day out for the season. Shortly after the  “Margarita” caught one around the same size. “Magic” was on fire again with the tuna’s, they caught two bigeye tuna’s. One was just under 200# and the other around 150#. Captain Frothy on the “Pesca Grossa” caught a nice bigeye around 200#. Today we watched “Margarita” release another nice blue marlin and a few boat’s found some more bigeye’s. Most of the fish are being caught of Cabo Girou. “Pesca Grossa” released their first marlin, a decent fish around 500#. On the “Grander” we got a double-header of  bigeye’s, pulled the hook on one and put the other one in the boat. It was a nice tuna and came out to around 250# on the formula.”Magic” caught another bigeye around 180#. The conditions were perfect for tuna today with steady water temps and plenty of cloud cover. The bait is stacking up more and more everyday and the currents bringing the good water all the way into the edge.

  1. sportman says:

    Keep it up Bo, you guys are slaying them… tight lines – sportman

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