Madeira Marlin Fishing

Madeira Marlin Fishing

Live Baiting Mackeral's

Live Baiting Mackeral's

Since the start of the season Jonboy and I have been talking about live baiting for the bigeye tuna. Seeing that there have been a few around, we decided to give it a try. As we made our first pass off Cabo Girou, we started marking some nice bait schools. After around 6 drops with the sabiki’s we had 20 nice size mackeral’s in the live well. We put a couple out and slow trolled them around the bait schools. After about 30 mins the long bait got bit. Kevin,the crewman of “Omega” jumped in the chair. As we thought we had a bigeye tuna on we were pleasantly surprised when a blue marlin came up at the back of the boat. I had a good pull on the leader then the hook came out and the fish swam away nice and healthy. We estimated him to be around 350#. It was Kevin’s first blue marlin as an angler and we were very happy that our plan came together. Also today “Tightline” caught their first fish for the season, a decent one around 500#. “Pesca Grossa” found a nice fish they called around 600# out to the west of Calheta. A great day fishing for all the boys.

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