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Just fished the annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament. The 37 boat fleet was treated to 3 days of beautiful flat calm weather and good fishing. Cabo’s having one of their best blue marlin season’s in a long time. This year I’m fishing on the “Sneak Attack” with Capt. Sam Talbert.  By lunchtime on the first day we already had 3 bites releasing a small stripie. There were alot of hookup’s being reported on the radio, mainly little stripe’s with a few small blue’s mixed in. “Fisherman” reported boating a black marlin they said might be a qualifier.

At around 3 o’clock we raised the fish we were looking for. She came up on the big bart teaser and we pitched the mackerel to her. After a few very lazy attempts trying to eat the bait she finally got angry and piled on the blue breakfast. The first time I had the leader I could see she was foul hooked in the gill plate. This made it hard to turn her head and she pulled us around for over an hour with around 40# of drag. I got a good pull on the leader and once again the Obadu Wiring Gloves performed flawlessly.

Nicely Proportioned Fish

Once we had her in the boat you could see she was a short but really fat fish. We ran the tape over her and she came out to around 610# on the formula. While we were waiting to weigh our fish we got word that the “Fisherman’s” black went 713#. Knowing our fish wasn’t close to that we were a little disappointed but still stoked to be going to the weigh station. There was quite a large crowd gathering around as we hoisted our fish up. She pulled the scale down to 629# putting us in 2nd place. We later found out the team on board the “Fisherman” weren’t across the board giving us the chance to take the biggest fish winner take all jackpot. All we had to do now was nervously wait and hope that our fish holds over the next 2 days.

We released a nice stripie on the 2nd day around 150# and missed a small blue. The blue marlin slowed down a little today and the stripes bit really well on the pacific side. We also watched an 800# blue marlin trying to eat a 20#  dolphin fish on the surface almost alongside the boat, unbelievable sight! Sam worked the area for a while but unfortunately we couldn’t raise her. There were no billfish weighed on day 2 so the money rolls over to day 3.

Just after start fishing on the 3rd day we watched “Bandit” put a nice blue marlin in the boat. As they didn’t give an approximate weight over the radio and kept fishing we would have to wait all day to find out the weight. We switched a small blue,around 200#, of the teaser. This gave us some valuable  release points but we were still nervous about the size of “Bandit’s” fish.

Big Fish Jackpot Winner

As we were running in we heard three different weights over the radio,466#,465# and 463#. 2 blues and a black. Very close results but we still didn’t know if any of them were the “Bandits” fish. After we tied up it didn’t take long to confirm that all the fish had been weighed and luckily for us our fish held up and won the biggest fish winner take all jackpot. We also placed second in the team division, won the biggest blue trophy and split the biggest stripe marlin jackpot with the 1st place boat.

The day 3 jackpot was won by the team aboard the “Fisherman”. Their 466# black along with the 713# black they weighed on day 1 gave the team 1st place overall and all 3 daily jackpots. Big congrats to all on board. Everyone that fished had a great time and thank you to Dan Jacobs and his team for doing such a great job running the tournament. Looking forward to the Bisbees now which starts this Wednesday. It could be an interesting tournament this year with the nice size fish that are here at the moment.

“Happy Hooker” weighed in an 1097# blue marlin winning the 2010 World Cup for the second time and taking home over $300,000 in prize money, big congrats’ to all on board. There was only one fish weighed here in Madeira. The Spanish team on “Audaz” boated a 550# fish after a 4 hour battle. Fishing was slow for the rest of the fleet with only a couple other fish raised. The bite had  been slow in Bermuda and Kona leading up to sunday’s tournament. These two places are always big contender’s to take the cup but this year it was Cape Verdes turn. Back in Madeira the fishing was still pretty quite today. “Hawk Eye” released a nice fish around 800# and “Tightline” missed a blue and a white.

2010 World Cup Fishing Tournament

1097# Blue Marlin - Happy Hooker

On the last day of the Madeira Blue Marlin Tournament there were no fish caught for the tournament fleet. There are still a few fish around as we were able to raise a 400 pound blue that wouldn’t eat and a non-tournament boat, fishing out of Funchal, released a 700 pound blue. Today was the 1st time in a week that the conditions are starting to come good. The long-range forecast shows that the trade winds are meant to blow steady for the next week. Hopefully this will bring the fish back on the bite.

– Good Fishing!

This morning the fleet gathered outside Marina de Calheta for the start of the 2nd annual Madeira Blue Marlin Tournamant. Everyone had high expectations but unfortunately the fish didn’t want to play the game. There was only one fish raised between the 18 boats. Hopefully the fishing will improve tomorrow and every boat will get some action. It’s been 4 days now since we have seen a fish on the “Grander” and the conditions don’t seem to be helping either. The water temp is a few degrees cooler than we like and the water could clean up a little more. We just need a few days of steady weather. There is still alot of bait on the edge and the currents pushing in the right direction so I think it’s only a matter of time before it fire’s up again, finger’s crossed for tomorrow.

Good Fishing!

Thankfully the wind dropped out over night and it seemed to help the fishing. We raised a double-header of small blue marlin, releasing one. About an hour later we found a tailing white marlin and released him in short time. This put us in 1st place with the extra bonus points for the grand slam. We were feeling pretty good until Sand Man started calling in hookups. They made the big move and ran 75 miles north to the Hole in the Wall. There they released 2 blue marlin and a white marlin and moved into 1st place. congrats to all on Board. Svengali ended up in third place. Overall it was a great tournament with an unbelievable collection of boats. The fishing was pretty good and thank you to Skip Smith and Tina Church for organizing an excellent event. Can’t wait until next year.

Good Fishing!

Today most of the fleet started fishing off James Point where the bite was yesterday but the tournament leader Svengali found the fish further north. They got off to a good start releasing two blue marlin before lunch time. By the time the rest of us arrived there, the bite had shut down. The fact that the Svengali has 900 points for 3 blue marlin puts them in a great position to win. Hopefully tomorrow we will see some action for the last day.

Good Fishing!

I am currently fishing the Custom Shoot-Out in Harbour Island on the Brier Patch with Capt. Karl Anderson. The fleet was greeted this morning with strong northerly winds but that didn’t seem to defer the fishing. Svengali leads the pack on day one with a blue marlin release, just beating out Reel Lax on a countback, who also has a blue marlin release. The Que Mas follows up in 3rd place with a white marlin release. We managed a double-header of sailfish, which puts us in 4th place. Hopefully there will be a few more fish around tomorrow.

Good Fishing!