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Well I finally had the chance to speak with Jason Holtz and find out how his season went in Ascension Is. As I mentioned in an earlier report the boys got of to a great start hooking a big one on their first day out. But unfortunately the fishing was patchy for rest of the season. Jason said the conditions were good, nice clean water,steady current and plenty of bait just a lack of fish. He also said they raised  quite a few sailfish and white marlin which is unusual for Ascension. Years ago while fishing in Ghana Clay & I noticed the same thing, when we were seeing a lot of sails the blue marlin weren’t around. Maybe they don’t like swimming in the same currents.

They raised 3 big fish that Jason called over a grand, 2 well over the mark and one around a grand. The biggest one Jason spotted tailing past the boat and when he first saw her he thought it was a small whale! The big girl came up on the short bait then swam across to the long corner,eyeballing the lures. Jason got a really good look at her from the tower,praying she would eat something but unfortunately she lost interest and swam away. He said it was one of the biggest fish he had seen in a long time.

Ascension Island isn’t an easy place to get to. With only one flight a week in and out and being so remote, the logistics of running charters there can be difficult. Jason was very grateful that everything went of without a hitch, he just would have liked a few more bites. The boys finished up hard releasing 7 fish for their last charter,with the biggest one around  700#. This was well deserved after the huge effort they put in over the season. Jas’ and BT are now back fishing in their home waters of Kona.

Jason Holtz on the wire

My good mate Jason Holtz will be fishing Ascension Islands over the next 2 months. He’s running the “Harmatan” with his regular Kona crew Brian Toney on the deck. Jas and BT have been on a roll this year. From weighing an 1104# blue back in April to placing in the prestigious HIBT tournament, I’m sure their good run will continue in Ascension. Olaf Grimkoski will be joining BT in the cockpit.  Jas sent me the first report of the season a few days ago. The boys went out for a sea trial and got climbed on by a big girl after just a few hours of trolling. BT jumped in the chair and fought the big blue for around 35 mins. The fish was a real tough one and Bt put a lot of drag on trying to lift her. They eventually pulled the hook and Jas told me it was hard to get a good look at her through all the white water but from what he could see she was well over 800#. Not bad for their first day out!

Ascension Island is still a young fishery but it has already produced a lot of big fish.  The first season “Gods Favour” fished there back in 2002 they weighed a 1337# beast, the third largest blue ever weighed in the Atlantic. Since then there have been numerous grander’s weighed there. I  just know the boys will get a few shots at four figure fish this season.  Jas will be sending me regular reports which I will post on here so keep checking for regular updates.

*Late Report

Just received a report from Jason. He said they are seeing fish everyday,getting enough bites but having a hard time staying connected. Today they went 1 from 3 catching a small fish around 250# from a doubleheader. He also told me the Obadu Wiring Gloves are working well for BT.



Jason Holtz, Billy Boyle, Bo Jenyns - Carins Black Marlin

Kona Blue Marlin

After a very slow June and July the Kona fleet has been enjoying some good fishing over the last month.  Jason Holtz on the “Marlin Magic”  told me he’s been raising 2-4 billfish a day, some nice blue marlin with a few stripie’s and spearfish mixed in. He has Billy Boyle fishing with him at the moment chasing the 16# blue marlin record,good luck guys!  “Five Star” and “Strong Persuader” have been finding a few fish as well. Both boats released 3-4 nice fish over the last week. Chip Van Mols,who runs “Monkey Business”,said the fish just turned up late this year and he expects the good fishing to continue through October. September is also a great month in Kona for big fish and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were  a few granders weighed in the coming weeks. Even though the Cairns season hasn’t really started yet a few boats have reported some early action. “Iona II” is already fishing up of no. 10 ribbon reef and the other day they had 5 bites, releasing 2 and they raised a really big fish that wouldn’t eat. Hopefully its a sign that Cairns is going to have a banner season.


1005# Blue Marlin "Que Mas"

I just got word of another big one weighed in Bermuda. “Que Mas” was heading back to Florida when they got piled on approx. 50 miles south west of Bermuda. They fought the big girl into the dark and after a tough fight they put her in the boat. They ran back to Bermuda and weighed her on the “Madam”. She pulled the scale down to 1005# and is the 3rd grander weighed there in the last week.Big congrats to all on board. It would not surprise me if there is a few more big fish weighed there before the season’s over. There was a few more fish seen here in Madeira yesterday. “Sorted” released a nice fish they called 600#,”Katherine B” broke line  on a big fish that they said was around 1000# and “Tightline” raised a decent fish that would”t eat. I also talked to my good mate Jason Holtz yesterday and he was saying the fishing in Kona has been slow this season. They have been catching around 4-5 fish per day between the 20 -25 boats fishing.

Last Saturday, my good mates Captain Jason Holtz and Brain Toney landed the honeymoon grander for my brother-in-law John Anderson and his new wife Jill on board the Marlin Magic.  The 1104 pound beast ate a tiny baby blue jet and they fought the fish for over 3 hours with plenty of heat. Jill did an amazing job! This was Kona’s first grander for the 2010 season and hopefully the start of many more to come. Big congrats to all on board!

Also well done to my mate Jason, who now has weighted all three marlin species over a grand (Atlantic Blue, Pacific Blue and Black Marlin). He is now the thrid person ever to do this.The only other guys that have done it are Kevin Nakamaru and Oskie Rice.

Good Fishing!